Success in your Isagenix business will come when you plug into a proven training system - and we provide that for you here! If you were to only follow the simple system to network marketing success that we have provided for you here, you could finally make an amazing, sustainable income for you and your family.

Our goal is to help you get there faster than you thought was possible!

Step 1) Review
    → Make Your Contact List.
Learn How To Get Your Products Paid For (You+2 Them+2). (Video - 3 minutes)
     → Log into your 
Isagenix Back Office click on Help/Tutorials and review the videos. (20 minutes)
        * How to Enroll a New MemberHow to Place an OrderManaging Your WebsiteManaging Your Autoship.

Step 2) Decide How Much Money You Want To Earn
→ Listen to The Recipe For Discovering Your "Why?with Michael Clouse. (22 minutes)
    → Learn 
How To Get Paid & Get Your People Paid by watching the video below. (19 minutes)

   → Stay focused by downloading and following the Map To Crystal Executive.
    → The Importance of 
Learning Your Isagenix Back Office with Heidi Burkemper. (28 minutes)

Step 3) Share The Isagenix Story (using any of the tools below)

     → Isagenix Flipchart > Order It! > Learn It!
     → Launch Party
     → 3-Way Call
     → Audio CD How To Get FIT, Feel FABULOUS & Become Financially Free!
Listen to the audio.(22 minutes)
         * Download and listen to the recorded training with Michael Clouse. (41 minutes)
Download and review the notes and Script from the training call.
Download the Avery 5260 Label Template add your information print and apply to the Audio CD jacket.
Prosper magazine
     → IsaNews magazine
     → Isagenix Events

Three Reminders About Getting Started

  1) You are the messenger—the Isagenix tools (listed in point #3 above) are the message.

-Your job is to connect the people you know, and meet, to the message; the Isagenix tools and products.
-Because according to Michael S. Clouse, "When someone knows us, likes us, and trusts us, we don't need to say much."

  2) Your next goal: Become a 
Consultant as soon as possible and help others do the same by following You+ 2 Them+ 2.

  3) People will ask themselves: A) "Can I do this?" B) "Do I have the time to do this?" C) "Would I feel comfortable doing this with my family, friends, and co-workers?" By following the system, as outlined above, they will be able to answer, "Yes!"

Indeed, "If we are willing to become a good follower first then others will naturally follow our lead." —Michael S. Clouse

Steps To Get A Little Better Every Day

  1) Build Your Belief in Network Marketing

  2) Build Your Belief in our Company: Watch the Take the Tour video.

  3) Build Your Belief in our Products: Watch the videos, listen to the audios, review the documents.

  4) Build Your Belief in our 
Compensation Plan: Watch the $5k in 5 Weeks! webinar with Kathy Coover.

  5) Build Your Belief in YOURSELF! Learning how to Prospect, Present, and Duplicate. Download 
Recipe For SuccessProspecting 101 and Seven Prospecting Secrets; listen to the Why Isagenixbusiness opportunity call.

Get Your Product Questions Answered

  1) Use the Search box on to get your product questions answered 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!

 2) IsaProduct Call with Clinical Nutritionist Ina Nozek, DC, MS., Monday – Friday 8:00am Pacific Time: Call 641.715.3842 Code 2100# 

      IsaProduct Call with Clinical Nutritionist Ina Nozek, DC, MS., Monday – Thursday 6:30pm Pacific Time: Call 641.715.3842 Code 2100#

  3) Listen to the Isagenix Podcast Training on Cleanse for LifeIonix SupremeIsaLean ShakesAgeless Essentials and/or with Product B

Get Your Business Questions Answered

  1) Listen to 
Isagenix Podcast recordings! Especially those by Michael ClouseLynn HagedornLisa DeMayo!

  2) Listen to Building Your Isagenix Business with Isagenix Millionaire Lynn Hagedorn:
 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5.

Get Connected & Stay Connected
 1) Get Connected: Email your Name, City, State/Province & Country + Your Isagenix ID# to:

      Something like this: Mary Smith, Phoenix, AZ, USA, ID# 99999999

 2) Stay Connected: Make it a priority to be on YOUR team call each week! 

Get Some of the Best Training We Have To Offer!

 Network Marketing MP3 Training Call by Michael Clouse

 Five Years From Now MP3 Training Call by Michael Clouse

 Having A Millionaire Mindset MP3 Training Call with Lynn Hagedorn

 The "Why Isagenix?" Opportunity Call MP3 Training Call by Michael Clouse

 Seven Secrets to Scheduling Your Time MP3 Training Call by Michael Clouse

 Formula For Success In Network Marketing MP3 Training Call by Michael Clouse