Deborah Kay,

Deborah Kay


Growing up in Ontario Canada, Deborah found herself wasting her life away in the rut of 9-5 jobs in accounting and computer programming.

She always wanted more and dreamt of a life of being free and traveling. “I knew I could make money, but time freedom was key.” She looked at other successful entrepreneurs and thought to herself:” If they figured out how to do it, I can, too.”

That outlook lead Deborah to discovering network marketing and she felt like she’d come home.  She knew she had found a business model that was brilliant, if done right.  Deborah KNOWS how to do it right! She has helped six people become millionaires and she’s not done yet!

“Everyone has the capability, but it’s how bad someone wants to change their life.”

Today she's living her dream of working part time hours and travels the world to exotic locations such as Australia, India & Hong Kong. “I live a life that I could have only dreamt of working at my job and I want to help YOU do the same.”